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NISSO HPC (Hydroxypropyl Cellulose) is a modified cellulose obtained by reacting propylene oxide with cellulose. The presence of hydroxypropoxy group prevents the hydrogen bonding between the hydroxy groups on the cellulose chain, thereby making HPC soluble.

NISSO HPC was first sold in Japan in 1969 and is globally approved for use in food product and as a pharmaceutical excipient. Nippon Soda has multiple manufacturing lines in Niigata, Japan which have been fully IPEC GMP compliant since 2010.

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    Technical paper, new insights into the use of hydroxypropyl cellulose for drug solubility enhancement, published in Journal of Polymer Science has been uploaded.The paper is available for download.NEW

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    Rotterdam, The Netherland

    March 28-31, 2022

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    NEW technical posters presented at PHAMASCI360(AAPS)2020 have been uploaded. The posters are available for download.

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    March 23-26 2020

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